Sometimes in April

#VTWeRemember what is it about the Month of April that unleashes a cycle of demonic violence? Not That Any OTHER Callender MONTH IS FADE ..but i have added it up in my head 1775 start of revolution April civil war started in April Katyn massacre perpetrated by NKVD APRIL 1940 .. WACO FINAL ASSAULT APRIL 93 #RwandaGenocide 1994 started 1995 Okc bombing April 1995 #Columbine April 1999 #VTWeRemember 12 years ago today and more i just cant remember more or haven’t discovered what is it about APRIL? Is it because these demons that perpetrate this BS has been
cooped up all winter and brooding? and better yet why are we so fucking light in the azz and seemingly powerless 2 prevent it? sometimes i wonder if we are not sickly addicted 2 all this vile BS? if the planet was miraculously cured of all of it all ills all drama all evil i
wonder if the largest % wouldn’t die of withdwrals? sometimes in April people get capped off on the reals ..anymore i think we are truly doomed ..unless people divorce this addiction 2 all things dark and demonic and start 2 get 2 the core of what is really good and pure as well as noble because if people really wanted 2 make a Utopia they would ..what i think is people are more interested in making the world in many’s own warped view the world according 2 them like they want 2 become gods of the planet and others feel same so u constantly have war death beef and drama ..their are actually a few of us that can do with out these kinda toxic mofo’s and if possible anything toxic at all



when i was a boy i thought god was the greatest tops pops that could ever be as i grew that started fade ,,then my daughter…now sometimes i just go 2 church 4 lack of a better idea …but back in the day i would sit in mass while the priests did their rituals and sacrements seeing if i could spy him like a platonic hide and seek and if i was really good he would appear and say ..good looking out child…the imagination of a child is boundless and innocent then ..we grow up and the world shatters our hearts …with all tat has happened over the 2k plus years since Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection NO SIGN OF HIM OR GOD MUST BE HIDING REALLY GOOD ..sometimes i wonder does he even have the right 2 get mad or judgmental faith is a tricky thing ..were expected 2 suffer so much all the while our natures completely contridict those principles ..sometimes i think he is a sadistic SOB that lets us all lose down here and sits back and laughs his ass off like a gladiator arena then want 2 condemn us 4 what we do ..i mean i was taught god knows what we will do even before we do it so going with that thread he knows before hand so if he loves us why does he let us do it then condemn us parent that know would do anything but try 2 protect their child and he is the ultimate pops right? people are evil and they are good some more 1 than another 1 really wants anything but drama and masochism ..last 3k plus years proves that ..i am exhausted people and all this wears me down 2 the bone ..Trump is just the most extreme example of the modern era ..i honestly think if people didn’t have drama or beef or something 2 bitch and moan about as they always have they wouldn’t know what 2 do with themselves peace? nah most don’t really want that they really don’t because we would have done it by now i truly believe …religion is just a ritualistic habit 2 me any more no real belief and honestly that is what most denominations want habitual customers 2 fleece and control i this offends any 1 ur just going 2 have 2 respect my view and i urs ..anyway i iwIsh every 1 a good Palm Sunday peace if u can stand havIng it


Stealing is the key ingrediant in the root of all ills…when 1 lies they rob people of their right 2 truth..when 1 kills they rob people of their right 2 life and their loved 1’s the right 2 all that is genuinely a given a future of events never 2 happen ..when 1 abuses they rob people of their right 2 innocence and safety…when 1 is selfish they rob people of their fair part ..when a government oppresses people they rob those said people of their right 2 freedom and liberty and the pursuit of bliss…putting the theft on people diminsihes their quality of lives because there is a difference between living and just being alive

Bitten To the Bone

R.I.P Michael Wesley Collins, he took his own life , this is what he wrote about homelessness at the end of November 2018.

Homelessness is no joke. Taking a journey through being homeless and penniless has given me a new perspective on what hardships homeless people endure. Once you’re in it, it’s very, very difficult to escape. You run into chicken-egg problems again and again and it leads to an inevitable downward spiral. For example, you can’t get a job because you’re homeless and you’re homeless because you can’t get a job. Imagine having no car, being filthy and trying to show up to a job interview. It’s impossible, and you come into a hopeless downward spiral. The homeless shelters are awful places where they pack people in like sardines in bunk beds, and everyone there is in a dark state of hopelessness.

The social services in the USA are a joke and they don’t provide enough support to even live, let alone give you an opportunity to dig yourself out of a hopeless hole. Welfare amounts to almost nothing, not even enough to buy food, let alone establish an apartment or residence, and it’s quite difficult to get as well, and the system is unforgiving for missed appointments, which can happen quite easily when you don’t have a home or money for transportation. Again, it’s part of the vicious cycle.

Often there is a waiting list to even get into a homeless shelter. In San Diego for example, the wait list is 1 month, so you must sleep on the street for a month before being considered to sleep in a crowded room. To receive government-assisted housing, the wait list is 2 years! If you become homeless in the richest country in the world, you would wait 2 years for relief!

People are immensely cruel to the homeless as well, many of whom suffer from a psychiatric condition that they cannot help. Often families reject people with psychiatric conditions with the misunderstanding that they could be dangerous in some way, but most often they are sensitive souls who also often connect with higher spiritual energies. In old days, these people would be seen as prophets, medicine men, and spiritual leaders, but today they are derided as mentally ill and very often wind up homeless. They are most often victims of human cruelty and miscomprehension, rather than a threat.

I am still homeless, though I’m continuing to fight my way out, but thankfully I still have some generous friends and haven’t yet sunk so low that I cannot escape, though I remain on the precipice. I will say that I will kill myself before I fall into that level of despair, and I fight daily to keep myself from this fate, but often I must choose between difficult options. I have also endured an immense amount to trauma during this experience, and the idea of taking time for healing is ridiculous considering that I must navigate getting basic needs met like food and shelter with the onset of winter coming.

Please keep me and all other homeless in your prayers, but action is needed even more than prayer. If you see homeless, or know of someone on the brink of homelessness, please have compassion for them and give to them generously. You have no idea of the circumstances that led to their condition, as this world can be a cruel and unforgiving place.

I have a master’s degree, high intelligence, and a variety of high-value skills, but I still wound up homeless and if you understood the story and reasons why, it would make perfect sense, and you would also understand that I had no control of the events that led to this place. It was a complex series of events that caused it, and it can truly happen to anyone.

Have compassion for those who have fallen into this horrible state of despair…

New America

America has never really reached the pennecal of it’s promise, The dream and Profound Ideals of our founding Father’s Never has really been achieved, A country deeply rooted and stained in Double standards, Equality 4 all unless ur say Black people or immegrants that came here 4 the desperate belief that it is better than where they started out at..our founding father’s have jinxed us with their disingenusness half or so while fighting the British over what amounted 2 a grievance over taxes ..Money..kept fellow human’s in bondage and more apt than not barbarically treated them or at the minimum held the belief that they were inferior and needed slavery even 2 survive all the while fighting a bloody conflict on the grounds of freedom from tyranny ..American values has always at the end of the day subject 2 constant reorganization, meaning unless every thing is abstract and easy it’s a great idea but the moment the X factor steps in it is not so ideal when say u are 4 equality except! because it irks me or rubes me the wrong way same sex relationships or i am an atheist so in my view no 1 has the right 2 believe what they do ,..a society or nation especially 1 that is so interchangable with its ideology and values will never stand the test of time..America with it’s class distinctions and unwritten rules of whom can do what with whom or can not is phony as a $3 bill ..there is a new american revolution going on in Contemporary america the methods and way of fighting are polar opposite 2 the 1770s/1860s now everything is cyber the resistance against 45TH president of the united states Donald J Trump is very similar 2 the revolution against the King of England AND 4 Pretty much the same reason’s the wealthy entitled spoiled aristocrats against the members of a nation being exploited at their whims and pleasures ..well it is a noble cause and he needs get gone however what about post era? will we go back 2 the status quo? where the entire nation is back 2 the same problems and class distinctions that keep a few high and m,any down? the poor the homeless the bourgeoisie middle class pretty much gone now but at their height an isolationist class not really concerned more than Abstract with the nation and it’s other citizens no..America as we knew it is gone poof never 2 be seen or felt again WE SURVIVE THIS PASSAGE THIS GAUNTLET ..we need 2 start from scratch on a solid and even and rock strong foundation or were doomed because there will be another Trump and while we are so concerned with our little acres of out lives as opposed 2 the entire whole mass people like trump slip in ..REAL no compromised Equality fairness social justice progressiveness and self correction not justification and the weak argument we always did it this way so it is set in stone and we don’t want 2 really BS is 4 the birds ..just because a majority of people says or does things doesn’t make them or it gospel according 2 the will of the ruling class or a group of people that will use it 2 their advantage that will have the opposite harmful affect on others and call it a society ..real Change starts from a solid un stained foundation and we never had 1 really to start with


They linger wearily and lifelessly 
About the barren and bleak 
Back streets of the city’s 
poorest regions, for 
they are the slums and bums
Of the diverse city of any 1 USA.

They drag there stolen shopping
Trolleys along the decrepit pathways 
Of America, with all of their belongings; 
As if they are spirits being waken from the dead.
Their energy and hope are ripped from 
Them as they linger about the solemn and 
Barren back streets of America’s 
Poorest regions.

They are desperate for our help and our
Higher status which we show-off before them; 
With our noses raised and our eyes filled with hatred
And evil, as we look down to them as they 
Silently weep a sound of vengeance before

Some people like myself feel a slight sense 
Of pity for them, as they have to endure 
The coldest and harshest of winters, 
And the scorching heat of the 
Everlasting summers. All
They have for protection against these
Harshest of weather conditions is a 
Decrepit and old cardboard box, 
Or a tatty rag of a blanket.

All I am saying here is we ought show a bit 
Of respect towards our fellow bums 
And slums of America’s poorest of


Poverty is a disease,it spills over generation 2 generation and More often then Not is handed down 1 generation to the next it is as deadly a plague than any life threatening crisis ..It is probably where most of the worlds pains and ills originate The Haves opposed to the Have Not’s ..class distinctions ..exploiting the lower classes in attempt 2 keep a Serfdom in place always breeds discontent always taps into the primal need 2 be secure and safe and comfortable with as minimal pains .stresses as can be…The nature of humans i have after long hours of thought from time to time is 2 become Gods ..and materialism is a key component as well as superiority complex..human beings are beyond the scope of even the most enlightened Learned individual because emotions are irrational at times ..the old adage ‘it is what it is” is as good as it gets the need 2 matter 2 have the top Quality of life and deny others this is profound and all that springs forth a variety of key component”s Synonymous ..racism..class distinction ..prejudice ..Misogyny ..Equality and social Justice would go a long way towards fixing these boo boo’s